• Apr. 25, 2019

FF Weekly: Apr. 25th Poll

FINAL FANTASY XII THE ZODIAC AGE will be released this week on April 30 for Nintendo Switch™ and Xbox One! (Learn more about FINAL FANTASY XII THE ZODIAC AGE)

To celebrate, our poll will be based on the six moogle siblings from FINAL FANTASY XII!

The moogle with the most votes will be available as wallpaper from the FF Portal App, illustrated by none other than the original character designer, Mr. Ryoma Ito!

Entry #1: Montblanc

A cool character and eldest of six, Montblanc leads the Elite Mark hunting group Clan Centurio. He founded the clan in an effort to gather warriors who can defeat Yiazmat, the monster who killed the siblings’ master.

“Our clan has a very strict entrance examination. We should begin yours at once... And, you pass.”

Entry #2: Sorbet

Sorbet is the second eldest brother and operates the west gate Moogling post, a device that teleports customers to destinations around Rabanastre. Recognizable by his yellow outfit and hat, this clumsy moogle often causes trouble for himself and others.

“And, well, I tripped...and how I tripped! I dropped treat and key both.”

Entry #3: Horne

The third eldest brother, Horne, wears a distinctive red outfit and operates the south gate Moogling post. His scrunched eyes and glasses atop his nose are quite charming.

“Welcome to the Moogling, kupo.”

Entry #4: Nono

Nono is the fourth eldest brother and head mechanic of Balthier’s ship, the Strahl, a vessel he maintains with other moogle mechanics. Dressed in green workwear, he’s often seen with a wrench in hand.

“The repairs on the Strahl are complete, kupo! You can leave whenever you want from the aerodrome!”

Entry #5: Hurdy

With sharp eyes and a blue uniform, Hurdy is the fifth eldest brother and operates the east gate Moogling post. His twin sister, Gurdy, runs chocobo stables where she rents them out as mounts.

“We’d all gone our separate ways, hoping to find someone who could defeat Yiazmat. It’s been lonely work at times, kupo.”

Entry #6: Gurdy

Hurdy’s twin sister and lone female sibling, Gurdy flies around using her wings. She decides to put her chocobo farming training to use and opens a chocobo rental service.

“They’re called chocobos. If a swift mount is what you want, you come talk to me, kupo!”

Did the Moogling posts save you time? Were you a regular chocobo renter? Perhaps the clan helped you out, or you were in dire need of an airship mechanic. Whatever the reason, please vote for your favorite moogle, and let us know why!

Poll Duration:
Apr. 25–May 1, 2019, 23:59 (PDT)

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