• May 31, 2019

[Updated May 31] Tomy's FINAL FANTASY XIV Level 70 Challenge!

I'm a FINAL FANTASY XIV newb who's decided to take on the challenge of reaching level 70 before the upcoming expansion! I'll be sharing the ups and downs of my adventures here!

Character Info
Name: Tomy Ffportal
Server: Hades
Class: Marauder
Time Limit: Until the release of Shadowbringers on July 2

Posted on May 31

Bam! Level 50! I received some new gear, and now Curious Gorge and I are twins. Having wrapped up the warrior's storyline (for now), I decided to go back to the main story.

You need to borrow magitek armor to sneak in to the dungeon. Too cute!

I managed to make my way inside without getting detected. Thank you, magitek armor!

Cape Westwind, Castrum Meridianum, and the Praetorium are eight-man dungeons. It was nerve-racking playing with twice the number of players I was used to, and with another tank in the group, I wasn't sure if I should draw the enemy or not. But as I was thinking about it, the other tank used Shield of Oath and made the decision for me. That was when I noticed the difference in our HP. Should I have been better geared for this run? Note to self: Look into it later.

You go through the Praetorium on magitek armor, allowing you to use Magitek Cannon and Photon Stream. I've been waiting for this!

Ultima Weapon awaits in the depths of the Praetorium. A worthy opponent, but as a level 50 Warrior of Light, I can't lose!


I breathed a sigh of relief as I watched the credits roll. But my adventure wasn't over yet!

Next stop: Heavensward.

I received the magitek armor as a mount after completing the Praetorium! I immediately took it for a test drive, of course. The music that plays while you're mounted―"Magiteknical Difficulties"―has the same familiar melody as "Terra's Theme." I can almost feel her magical powers coursing through me!

Posted on May 27

Hi, everyone! This is Tomy from the FF portal team. I hit level 40 and faced the mighty Titan.

You're all probably wondering how that went!

Spewing a dramatic line of dialogue, Titan leaps into the air, and when he lands, the outer ring of the platform falls away from the impact. It's nerve-racking and wild!

The music is amazing; I could listen to it all day! But right now, I had a battle to focus on. Apparently, if you fall to your death, you can't be brought back with Raise because you're out of reach. We lost one party member because of this...

Phew! I managed not to fall off. I was so nervous the entire time! All of the roles seem challenging, but I think the tank has the most unique perspective of the fight.

I then made my way to Coerthas, a winter wonderland. The music was grand and somewhat solemn. I wonder if I'll ever get to go to that castle.

There were a lot of tall stone towers. Do chocobos fly? What would happen if I jumped?

This Haurchefant seems to be in charge of things around here. He's gorgeous, but there's something...odd about him. I think I'll keep my distance.

But he appeared and fought with me when I found myself in trouble. Maybe he's not such a bad guy after all!

With the Enterprise patched up, I headed off to face the great Garuda with Cid and Alphinaud. I was giddy with excitement being in the Enterprise next to Cid! A dream come true!

After defeating Garuda, Biggs and Wedge caught up with us. It's not FINAL FANTASY without these two!

I'm so close to level 50, I can taste it! The story's ramping up too, and I can't wait to find out what happens next!


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