• July 5, 2019

[Updated July 5] Tomy's FINAL FANTASY XIV Level 70 Challenge!

I'm a FINAL FANTASY XIV newb who's decided to take on the challenge of reaching level 70! I'll be sharing the ups and downs of my adventures here!

Character Info
Name: Tomy Ffportal
Server: Hades
Class: Marauder
Time Limit: Until the release of Shadowbringers on July 2 Until I reach level 70

Posted on July 5

By completing Heavensward, I unlocked a bunch of quests, including ones leading up to dungeon runs! Hmm, what's this? The Void Ark, huh? Must be related to the Void people keep talking about.

Just like the Crystal Tower, the Void Ark is a 24-man alliance raid. It's...not a welcoming place.

OMG, it's Cait Sith! Just like the one from FINAL FANTASY XI!

After the Void Ark, I unlocked the Weeping City of Mhach, a dungeon that begins with a walk through a bog. I thought the music sounded familiar. It's an arrangement of the battle music from FINAL FANTASY IX!

I soon found out why. It's Ozma! A secret boss in FINAL FANTASY IX, it's just as powerful in FINAL FANTASY XIV! And of course, another battle on a platform that's begging for you to fall and die...

The third dungeon was Dun Scaith. After the first boss, we took a stroll around the city under the beautiful moonlight.

Scathach was too cute!

The last boss we faced was Diabolos, a monster that draws aether from a magic gate, which we had to destroy. This really is a true test of strength!

And that ends the Shadow of Mhach series. What an incredible story filled with fun, challenging dungeons!

Posted on July 1

Hi, everyone! Tomy from the FF portal team here. Thanks to the Duty Roulette, I'm finally level 63!

To prepare for Azys Lla, I made my way to Idyllshire, a bustling town where humans and goblins coexist.

As I wandered around, I spotted Rowena from Mor Dhona! Apparently, she does business here too, so I exchanged some more tomestones for gear. Now this is what I'm talking about. So heroic!

I also got a copy of Wondrous Tails from Khloe Aliapoh. You get seals for completing specific duties, and you get a generous reward for every row of seals!

South of Idyllshire, I encountered Y'shtola's mentor, Matoya. She lives in a cave just like her namesake from the original FINAL FANTASY, and her theme is also an arrangement of the music from the game.

I finally arrived in Azys Lla! It's kinda grim. Most of the Heavensward areas are full of nature, but this place is the opposite, with its unique-looking structures.

After the Aetherochemical Research Facility, it was time to face King Thordan and his knights twelve! They also appear as a summon in FINAL FANTASY VII, though under a different name, and just like the old legends, thirteen knights prepare to test your strength in battle. They sure know how to put on a show!

And that ends my adventure of Heavensward! As we inch closer to the release of Shadowbringers on July 2, I'm still level 63, so I've decided to keep at it a little bit longer! There're more levels to be gained, and stories to be told!


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