• July 19, 2019

[Updated July 19] Tomy's FINAL FANTASY XIV Level 70 Challenge!

I'm a FINAL FANTASY XIV newb who's decided to take on the challenge of reaching level 70! I'll be sharing the ups and downs of my adventures here!

Character Info
Name: Tomy Ffportal
Server: Hades
Class: Marauder
Time Limit: Until the release of Shadowbringers on July 2 Until I reach level 70

Posted on July 19

Level 68! I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!

After enjoying my time in Ala Mhigo, my next destination was Doma. And to get there, I'll need to stop by Hingashi first!

I headed to Limsa Lominsa by boat, a voyage that reminded of the start of my FINAL FANTASY XIV adventure.

On my way there, I ended up in the dungeon the Sirensong Sea. The atmosphere was incredibly eerie. I'm pretty sure it's haunted...

With a level requirement of 61, I had more skills at my disposal! Hurray! But the dungeon was creepy from start to finish. The giant ghost ship didn't help.

The final boss is Lorelei. Her morbid songs send you running back and forth, sometimes right into huge puddles of ouch!

After the dungeon, I arrived at the Japan-esque town of Kugane. Look at the large, impressive-looking structures!

As I wandered around the area, I saw people wearing kimono and shops adorned with umbrellas and lanterns. I'm loving the Japanese vibe!

Like Limsa Lominsa, Uldah, and Gridania, there's a residential district here too. There are houses that you can purchase and customize along with your garden, among other things. Another feature that'll make you ask, "Where did the time go?"

Posted on July 15

Hi, everyone! It's Tomy from the FF portal team. At level 66, the goal is in sight!

As I made my way through the main story, I met Gosetsu, an acquaintance of Yugiri, who hails from the eastern region of Doma. They sure grow them big over there!

Following a climactic battle at Baelsar's Wall, we were forced to unleash our secret weapon―Omega! It looks just like the one from FINAL FANTASY V.

And finally, I was on my way to Ala Mhigo. My Stormblood adventure begins!

Tataru prepared a new outfit for me. I love it! Time to use some glamour prisms so I can strut around Ala Mhigo looking all sorts of cute!

I arrived at Rhalgr's Reach, a rocky place surrounded by desert, an unfamiliar sight coming from Heavensward.

I recognized the huge statue in the middle of the town from the Stormblood trailer!

The water looked so nice, I jumped in...and discovered that I could swim! I never noticed before, but apparently you can swim or float in certain areas.

As I wandered around, I encountered the Ananta, a race of serpent-like beings. I wonder if I'll discover any other new races and creatures around here. I can't wait to see more of what Ala Mhigo has to offer!


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