• Aug. 26, 2022

Tune-In to the Broadcast of FINAL FANTASY VII THE FIRST SOLDIER’s North America Tournament Finals on August 27-28!

New Areas, Weapons, Variant Battle Mode & More Available Now in Season 4 Update

SQUARE ENIX® today announced that the finals of the first ever North America tournament for FINAL FANTASY® VII THE FIRST SOLDIER will be broadcasted live on August 27-28 via SQUARE ENIX’s Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook pages, as well as on META Horizon Worlds through the following links:

Finals Round 1:
Finals Round 2:

Starting tomorrow on August 27 at 4PM PDT, viewers will watch as the top 50 teams compete for victory. During round one, the teams will be divided between two lobbies to duke it out on the map “Midgar Undercity” The second round will begin on August 28 at 4PM PDT, where the top 25 teams will go head to head in five final matches on Midgar Undercity to determine the overall winner. Lastly, competitors will be vying for a number of spectacular prizes:

Additionally, starting on August 31, players can hop into the plethora of new Season 4 content:

  • New Areas – A new location has been added on the Midgar Plateside map, increasing the player count from 60 to 75. Private Matches on Midgar Plateside will still be capped at 60 players. Also, new Golden Saucer locations have been added to Midgar Undercity map, featuring fun minigames to help power players up on the battlefield.
  • New “Trickster” Style – Tricksters use cards as weapons and utilize “decoy cards” to spawn a decoy at a set location to confuse their enemies. In addition, they can warp to a preset location when they become fatally wounded.
  • New Materia “Tornado” – The Tornado materia spawns a tornado sphere that knocks back both friend and foe. Tornado materia can also remove the field effects of other materia.
  • New Weapons “Gil Toss Machine Gun” and “Chimeric Vengeance” – Players can equip a new weapon called Gil Toss Machine Gun, which is a machine gun that uses Gil as bullets, and Chimeric Vengeance, a sniper rifle that uses magic bullets. The Chimeric Vengeance can be charged in order to shoot a high speed laser.
  • New Vehicle Type “Sports Car” – Players can now zoom along the battlefield while enjoying the high speed of a motorcycle in a new sports car, Players will be able to customize their vehicle’s appearance, as well claim additional skins.
  • New Battle Mode “Variant Mode” – Variant Mode is a limited time event featuring 3v9 battles. Three players can choose to become “Variants” (bosses) to battle 9 brave SOLDIER candidates. Players can choose between various Variants, including Bomb, Bahamut and even Sephiroth.
  • New Features – Players can check out new features including a Controller Button Customization option and a Chocobo Time Trials, which is a new racing mode in FINAL FANTASY® VII THE FIRST SOLDIER. This mode is planned to be released in late September, so stay tuned.

FINAL FANTASY VII THE FIRST SOLDIER is available as a free download with in-app purchases through the AppStore and Google Play.

In FINAL FANTASY VII THE FIRST SOLDIER players will embark on an intense battle royale experience where they must fight to be the last SOLDIER standing. To do so, players will use magic and special abilities along with ranged and melee weapons to triumph on the battlefield. Players can choose between various styles, such as Warrior, Sorcerer, Ranger, Ninja or Monk, each of whom boast unique special abilities. In addition to other SOLDIER candidates, players must also contend with ferocious monsters who inhabit the outskirts of the city. By defeating them, players can gain experience needed to level up and unlock new weapons. Classic FINAL FANTASY elements abound in the game, such as rideable chocobos, powerful espers, including Ifrit, to summon and materia, which enables players to cast devastating spells. Players can customize their characters’ outfits and accessories, obtain various weapon and vehicle skins, emotes and more to create their own unique SOLDIER.