• June 18, 2020

FF Weekly: June 18th Remember When...

Father’s Day is this coming Sunday, June 21, so it’s only appropriate to feature some of the fathers who appear in FINAL FANTASY games in this FF Weekly!
Let’s take a look.

Dorgann Klauser (FFV)

One of the four Warriors of Dawn from another world that sealed away the warlock Exdeath 30 years ago. Already deceased at the time FFV’s story takes place, he stills plays an important role in the story as the father of protagonist Bartz, whose journeys are at the request of Dorgann’s dying wish.

Jecht (FFX)

Star blitzball player and FFX main character Tidus’s father. While kind at heart, Jecht is a proud, boorish man who struggles to connect with his son despite loving him very much. Jecht joins the summoner Braska as his guardian on a journey to defeat Sin, a giant beast said to have manifested from man’s previous transgressions that threatens FFX’s world of Spira.

Doctor Cid (FFXII)

Genius scientist behind the Archadian Empire’s manufacted nethicite and the technologies it fuels. He promoted his son, Balthier, to Judge, hoping he would be the flag-bearer of a new era for Archadia. However, Balthier feared his father’s obsession with his research was driving him mad and fled to become a sky pirate.

Regis Lucis Caelum (FFXV)

Father of FFXV main character Noctis, king of Lucis and 113th monarch in his line. A strong, wise leader not afraid to make unpopular decisions to protect the future of his kingdom. He is a caring parent who wants Noctis to find his own path in life, trusting that he will follow the right path and banish darkness from the world as is prophesied.