• Aug. 6, 2020

FF Weekly: July 23rd Poll Results

The results of the FINAL FANTASY X 19th anniversary poll are in! It was a very close battle for first place between two of Lulu’s dolls – here’s the outcome!

1st Place

Taking the lead was Lulu’s starting doll type, Moogle! Let’s check out a few of your reasons for choosing this little fellow.

“That Moogle design has always had a special place in my heart.”
“Quite obvious by the eyes and his cute nose kupo!”
“Moogles are always consistently cute and well designed. Same applies here.”
“Can’t beat a classic!”
“It’s iconic and I personally think it’s the cutest looking one of them all.”

2nd Place

Coming in just a few votes behind Moogle was yet another iconic FINAL FANTASY mascot, Cactuar! We’ve selected a few of your comments below.

“Who doesn’t love these tiny terrors? The iconic image is the epitome of final fantasy to me ^_^”
“Love Cactaur! He's vicious, but cute.”
“Because out of all those having a pet cactuar to do your bidding sounds the most appealing.”
“One of my favourite little enemy dudes, that and tonberry! Cute but lethal!”
“Because of the characteristic pose. It is really funny.”

In third place by quite a large gap was Moomba. Thanks to all who voted!

The 19th anniversary of FINAL FANTASY X’s release in Japan was on July 19! To commemorate, we’d like to hold a poll to see which of FFX player character Lulu’s weapons is the most popular!

Though outwardly stern, deep down Lulu is a kind-hearted and caring person. Being Yuna’s guardian, Lulu views her as a younger sister, but she also plays an important role in supporting FFX protagonist Tidus throughout his journeys. Lulu’s weapon is unique - she commands stuffed animals! Let’s see what kind of stuffed animals she has before heading to the poll itself.




Cait Sith


Onion Knight

Poll Duration:
July 23–July 29, 2020, 23:59 (PDT)

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