• Sept. 24, 2020

FF Weekly: September 24th Remember When...

Tomorrow, September 25, is National Cooking Day in America, so we’d like to take a look at a few FINAL FANTASY characters with a knack for cooking!

Quina (FFIX)

Quina is a member of the Qu race, who spend all their efforts on culinary pursuits. As such, Quina is of course obsessed with food, even using forks as a weapon. His favorite delicacy is frogs, but s/he is enamored with any and all food, and there are also scenes where Quina struts his stuff as a chef! One instance in particular comes to mind...

Eiko (FFIX)

Eiko is the one in charge of meals in her hometown of Madain Sari, which other than Eiko herself is inhabited only by moogles. When FFIX main character Zidane and his friends first visit Madain Sari, Eiko decides to put together a feast to win over Zidane’s heart, and during the preparation, who shows up to help but Quina! In the ensuing minigame, the player’s choices determine whether the meal is a success or not.

Ignis (FFXV)

Having been raised alongside FINAL FANTASY XV main character Noctis as a royal adviser, Ignis has watched over the heir apparent’s life closer than anyone else. He is also the member of Noctis’s royal retinue who handles cooking, creating delicious dishes that buff the party’s stats whenever they rest at campsites. There are lots of tasty-looking recipes to discover in FINAL FANTASY XV!

Why not experience some FINAL FANTASY cooking adventures on this National Cooking Day?