• Apr. 29, 2021

FF Weekly: April 29th Remember When...

Today is International Dance Day! There’s plenty of dancing in FINAL FANTASY games, and we’ve picked a few good numbers to share with you!


From just dancing for the player’s entertainment in various FF titles to giving hints on what to do next in FFI, there are lots of dancers in FINAL FANTASY games. There’s no better job for International Dance Day!

Ballroom Dance (FFVIII)

At Balamb Garden’s party to celebrate students who have graduated to become SeeDs, Rinoa invites Squall to dance—their first meeting. While reluctant at first, Squall gives in, and the two dance together to “Waltz for the Moon,” making for one of FINAL FANTASY VIII’s truly memorable scenes.

Honeybee Inn Dance Scene (FFVII REMAKE)

Tifa's entered Don Corneo's mansion alone, so to save her, Cloud and Aerith decide to become bridal candidates themselves. In their search to get a recommendation, they stumble upon the Honeybee Inn, where Cloud takes the stage against owner Andrea Rhodea. What follows is a dance-off of epic proportions that pulls out all the stops! Not only that, but it plays out as a rhythm mini-game, so Cloud’s success depends on the player’s skill! Why not get your own groove on, too, to celebrate International Dance Day?