• June 17, 2021

FF Weekly: June 17th Remember When...

June 22 is National Kissing Day in America, and FINAL FANTASY has some kisses we can share with you! Let’s take a look!

Maiden’s Kiss

Maiden’s kiss is an item appearing in many FINAL FANTASY titles – perhaps you can guess what it does from its name? When used on a character turned into a toad, they return to their normal self! This is a perfect solution to the toad statuses from across the FINAL FANTASY series we introduced in the May 3 edition of FF Weekly!

Tidus and Yuna (FFX)

After happenings and discoveries that shake Yuna’s faith to its core, she separates from the party while in Macalania Woods and visits the forest spring in an attempt to collect her thoughts. Tidus goes to console her, suggesting she quit her pilgrimage and live a normal life. While the idea eases her mind at first, her duty to Spira and its people won’t let her just run away. Yuna begins to cry, and Tidus comforts her. They then share a kiss, making for one of FINAL FANTASY X’s iconic scenes.