• July 15, 2021

FF Weekly: July 15th Remember When...

July 20 is National Moon Day in America, commemorating the first time man walked on the moon. Moons are also featured heavily in FINAL FANTASY IV, so let’s look up to the sky and see what FFIV’s celestial bodies have to offer!

FFIV’s world actually has two moons, with the smaller of them, the Red Moon, being more prominently featured in the games’ story. It is home to an advanced humanoid race called the Lunarians, who built the Red Moon many years ago as a resting place until the civilization of Earth’s humans progresses to match their own.

The Red Moon is also home to many unique locations, including the Hummingway Home with its humming residents and the lair of a certain powerful summon! Starting with Game Boy Advance, ports of FFIV even include bonus dungeons on the Red Moon, so you’ll definitely want to explore it thoroughly when playing FFIV!