• Sept. 30, 2021

FF Weekly: September 30th Remember When...

October 1 is Glasses Day in Japan! We’ve chosen a few bespectacled characters from FINAL FANTASY games to share - let’s take a look!

Tellah (FFIV)

Known once as the Great Sage of Mysidia with the ability to use any and all magic, in his old age he has forgotten many of the spells he once knew. However, his pride as a sage remains unchanged. When his only daughter Anna leaves the house to be with her lover, the reclusive prince and bard Edward, Tellah goes after her.

Quistis Trepe (FFVIII)

A current member of the SeeD mercenary force who also has certification as an instructor, making her a teacher to students of her own age. She holds the distinguishment of being the youngest person ever to qualify to become a SeeD and is admired by both male and female students alike, even having her own fan club called the Trepies.

Kazusa Futahito (FF Type-0)

A stand-out even amongst the elite researchers at Akademeia with his own secret laboratory behind the shelves of the Crystarium library. Any cadet he takes an interest in, he pulls aside to render unconscious for his experiments. He also joined the Akademeia faculty at the same time as Kurasame and Emina, and is especially close to Kurasame.