• June 23, 2022

FF Weekly: June 23rd Remember When...

June 25 is the International Day of the Seafarer, recognizing the value of seafarers to international trade and the world economy. FINAL FANTASY features many oceans, thereby also featuring many who live upon the sea! Let’s check out a few maritime characters from across the FF series!

Syldra (FFV)

Like a sibling to FINAL FANTASY V main party character Faris, Syldra is the sea dragon that pulls her ship. She goes missing after being sucked into a whirlpool by a monster at the Torna Canal.

Sailors (FFVII)

Cloud and friends disguise themselves as sailors on a cargo ship to Costa Del Sol. While they themselves may not exactly be known as seafarers, this is still a memorable scene!

Kiyuri (FFX)

A sailor on the ferry ship S.S. Winno connecting Kilika Port and Luca. She can also be recruited as a blitzball player!

Keep an eye out for other seafaring characters throughout the worlds of FINAL FANTASY!

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