• Nov. 10, 2022

FF Weekly: November 10th Remember When...

It’s started to cool down outside, and with the change of temperature, what better way to warm up than with a delicious hot stew! FINAL FANTASY XV celebrates its 6th anniversary at the end of this month and features a variety of tasty-looking foods that Noctis and friends can partake in to sustain them on their journey. We’ve got a piping-hot selection of stews from the game to share in this chilly season!

Packed Mushroom Stew

Veggie Medley Stew

Dry-Aged Tender Roast Stew

Marrowshroom Chowder

A wide assortment of dishes share the spotlight in FFXV. If these stews whetted your appetite, why not make the game your appetizer before this year’s Thanksgiving meal?

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