• Dec. 1, 2022

FF Weekly: December 1st Remember When...

December 3 is Wife’s Day in Japan! To mark the occasion, we’d like to introduce a few wedded women from across FINAL FANTASY – let’s hop on in!

Elina (FFII)

Wife of the deceased Phillip, friend of the proud dragoon Ricard and famous dragoon himself. After Phillip’s murder in the decimation of the dragoons, she has lived quietly with her son Kain caring for the injured wyverns left from the incident.

Lady Hilda (FFIX)

Wife to the regent of Lindblum, Cid Fabool IX, who assists FINAL FANTASY IX protagonist Zidane and friends greatly on their adventures. She is proficient with magic, in contrast to her husband’s skill building airships. Despite her usually gentle personality, she turns Cid into a bug-like creature called an oglop and flees in his latest airship model when she catches him stealing glances at a younger lady.

Ashe (FFXII)

Rightful queen of the Kingdom of Dalmasca. After losing both her husband Lord Rasler of Nabradia and her father King Raminas, she goes into hiding. With the regret of her lost loved ones in her heart, she joins FINAL FANTASY XII protagonist Vaan and his comrades on their journey, resolving to eventually restore the glory of her homeland.

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