• Mar. 20, 2019

FF Weekly: Mar. 7th Quiz Results

The question was, "Frelr lrynyldan ec y saspan uv dra Gullwings?"

The question, written in Al Bhed, translates to, "Which character is a member of the Gullwings?" The answer is Yuna!

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On March 13, 2003, FINAL FANTASY X-2 was released for the PlayStation®2! Here's an FF quiz to commemorate the popular title.

Q. Frelr lrynyldan ec y saspan uv dra Gullwings?

A. Yuna
B. Tidus
C. Leblanc
D. Shuyin

Quiz Duration:
Mar. 7–Mar. 13, 2019, 23:59 (PDT)

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