• July 12, 2019

[Updated July 12] Tomy's FINAL FANTASY XIV Level 70 Challenge!

I'm a FINAL FANTASY XIV newb who's decided to take on the challenge of reaching level 70! I'll be sharing the ups and downs of my adventures here!

Character Info
Name: Tomy Ffportal
Server: Hades
Class: Marauder
Time Limit: Until the release of Shadowbringers on July 2 Until I reach level 70

Posted on July 12

I've been curious about something for a while.

This! This mysterious barrier and funky architecture in the Dravanian Hinterlands. There's no way in! I was wondering what the deal was, when I picked up a nearby quest and finally learned the truth from the workers of Garland Ironworks.

It's called Alexander! I ventured inside with tech-loving goblin, Roundrox, and mysterious beauty, Mide.

First sector: Gordias. Steampunk-style decor with metal playing in the background. There are four bosses, and during the last, things explode and send you flying across the room... It makes your eyes spin!

Second sector: Midas. During the first boss, you bathe in Goblixer that transforms you into either a gorilla or a bird in order to avoid its attacks. It's pretty fun!

During the fourth and final boss, the robots you've encountered so far fuse together to form Brute Justice! This is every kid's dream. The music also becomes superhero-esque in Brute Justice Mode!

When the battle ends, the robots explode. It was amazing!

Final sector: The Creator. This is where you face Alexander Prime! Be prepared for attacks like Mega Holy.

After we defeated the final boss, we were greeted by a bright blue sky. The battle content was awesome and enjoyable; I even got a little teary-eyed!

Posted on July 8

Hi, everyone! Tomy from the FF portal team here.

I was joined by Krile, a reliable little helper from the northern nation of Sharlayan! How cute is her hood? In FINAL FANTASY V, she's introduced as Galuf's granddaughter, but in FINAL FANTASY XIV, she's Alphinaud's senior.

Even Alphinaud gets a little flustered in her presence.

After completing the quest a Spectacle for the Ages, involving Gridania, Limsa Lominsa, Ul'dah, and Ishgard, I learned a new emote: Victory! None of my other emotes have me posing with my weapon; this makes me look like a true warrior!

Then it was time to battle Nidhogg.

It was a close one, but we did it! And I learned another new emote: Battle Stance. I wonder if different jobs have different poses. The warrior's pose definitely makes me look ready to take on the world!

As my time in Ishgard came to an end, I headed to Little Ala Mhigo in Stormblood.

Level 65! I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!


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