• Apr. 23, 2020

FF Weekly: April 23rd Remember When...

Today, April 23, is World Book Day!
Thus, this week we'd like to introduce some book-related things from FINAL FANTASY.

■Magic Books

Magic books appear in various FF series games. In FINAL FANTASY II, there are many kinds of magic books including the ""Fire Tome"" and ""Cure Tome"" that allow characters to learn the magic spells within them. There are also magic books in Chocobo's Mystery Dungeon series titles, which let Chocobo cast magic spells by reading the appropriate magic books.


A job which appears in FINAL FANTASY III that uses books as a weapon in battle. The scholar job also has a ""Scan"" command that allows checking an enemy's status in battle including HP and weaknesses.

■Library of the Ancients

A research facility in the world of FINAL FANTASY V. It's a gathering place for scholars, who come here to study the plethora of books contained within. Obstructing the player's way in the library's basement are books possessed by monsters with names like Page 32, Page 64, Page 128, and Page 256. The boss waiting in the deepest levels of the library, Byblos, has a weakness very appropriate to the paper materials it's made from.


Appearing in FINAL FANTASY IX, this is a monster that has merged with a book. In battle the book is normally closed, at which time its defense is extraordinarily high. The monster itself is between pages 150 and 200, and doing a total of 150-200 damage to the book while closed will cause it to come forth. The monster's defense lowers considerably when the book is open, so that's the chance to attack.