• May 28, 2020

FF Weekly: May 14th Poll Results

We've tallied up your votes from the FFXI races poll! And the winner is...


The pious master swordspeople of the Elvaan got the majority of your votes! Let's take a look at some of your reasons why.
"Elves are always the best in any fantasy. They’re like people, only better-looking."
"The nobility and aesthetic appeal to me."
"Noble, powerful paladins and a rich history."
"They are highly honorable but also have great skill in traits beneficial for theives and rangers."
"I would like to be tall, brave, and heroic, as they are a proud race, representing that."

Runners-up include the Mithra in a close second and Hume in third. Thank you for voting!

FINAL FANTASY XI celebrates the 18th anniversary of its release on May 16! To commemorate, this edition of FF Weekly is a poll about the races in FFXI. While you can choose which race to play as in FFXI’s world, we’d like to know which race you would prefer if you were to be reborn as one of them!

To help your decision, let’s take a look at the five playable races in FFXI and some memorable characters from each.


A race that shares a physical resemblance to us humans who inhabit Earth. They do not possess any special physical prowess compared to the other races, but boast a keen intelligence and are known for their proficiency with technology. Centralized in their Republic of Bastok but residing all over the world, Humes have the highest population of all five races.

Cid – hero of Bastok and head of his own laboratory

Aldo - leader of underworld organization Tenshodo


A race with tall, slender builds and pointy ears. Elvaan boast their own orders of knights and are proud and highly religious; the cathedral that sits in their Kingdom of San’doria holds great influence over Elvaan society.

Trion - first child of the king and prince of San’doria

Curilla - leader of the peacekeeping order, Temple Knights


A diminutive race with childlike features. Tarutaru are powerful magic users, studying the seeds of the natural world to even further improve their magical skills. After being ravaged by war, their Federation of Windurst was rebuilt with the cooperation of the Mithra race, with whom they have coexisted for many years.

Shantotto - prideful and temperamental, one of Windurst’s respected “three doctors”

Star Sibyl – ruler of Windurst and spiritual leader of the Tarutaru


A race of hunters sporting ears and a tail like a cat. Agile and quick-witted with a keen sense of hearing, the Mithra in FFXI’s Vana’diel left their homeland and now reside with the Tarutaru, whom they maintain a mutually beneficial relationship with. Due to the rarity of male Mithra, only females adventure far from the homeland.

Perih Vashai – chieftain of the Mithra and an expert archer in former war times

Semih Lafihna – leader of the Sibyl Guards who protect the Star Sibyl


A bulky race who fled their homeland after it was raided by beastmen. Their tough physique gives them great strength and long lives. They primarily live amongst the Humes in Bastok.

Zeid - second in command to the Mythril Musketeers and the greatest living Dark Knight

Gumbah – Galka child with a mischievous streak and penchant for pranks

Poll Duration:
May 14–May 20, 2020, 23:59 (PDT)

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