• July 9, 2020

FF Weekly: June 25th Poll Results

We’ve tallied up your votes for the FINAL FANTASY ADVENTURE weapon poll, and it was a landslide!

The most popular weapon type was...

The starter weapon, swords! Let’s see what those of you who voted for swords had to say about your choice.
“With a full gauge it either does a spinning attack or strikes in a straight line!”
“Best all around weapon, fast, quick recovery, shorter range is the only downside.”
“You can never go wrong with a good blade.”
“Every FF protagonist mastered the trusty sword. It is reliable and a symbol of hope or destruction.”
“Most noble weapon in mankind’s history.”

Other popular weapons included a near three-way tie for second place between chain flails, maces and spears. Thanks to everyone who joined in the poll!

This coming Sunday, June 28, is the 29th anniversary of FINAL FANTASY ADVENTURE’s release in Japan!
The starting point of what would become the Mana series, it’s the story of a hero who escapes his life as a prisoner forced to fight fearsome monsters day in and day out and embarks on a fantastic journey filled with new allies and touching farewells. Our hero endeavors to solve the mystery of a pendant belonging to an amnesia-stricken girl and stop the evil forces threatening the Mana Tree, sustainer of all life.

One unique feature of this game is that the weapons one can equip are not only used to defeat monsters, but have many other unique uses as well!
In today’s FF Weekly, we’d like to know which kind of weapon is your favorite! Let’s check out the choices.


The starting weapon type. Although it doesn’t assist during your travels, Excalibur, the strongest weapon in the game, is a sword!


Wide attack radius and can chop down trees and thorns that block the player’s path.


Can attack in all directions and be used to cut away shrubs that obstruct movement.

Chain Flails

Long attack range and the ability to wrap around posts to pull the player over gaps in an instant.


No additional benefits besides damage in battles, but offers long attack range and can be thrown.


Can attack in all directions and be used to break rocks, pots and walls.

Which weapon do you like best?

Poll Duration:
June 25–July 1, 2020, 23:59 (PDT)

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