• July 9, 2020

FF Weekly: July 9th Remember When...

July 14 is Pandemonium Day, a day that encourages people to escape from the structured stuffiness of everyday life, let a little chaos in and do something they wouldn’t normally do.
To commemorate, let’s look at some things from FINAL FANTASY games with “pandemonium” in their name!

Pandaemonium (FFII)

Pandæmonium (FF Type-0)

While spelled differently from the title of the day, the names of the last dungeons of both FINAL FANTASY II and FINAL FANTASY Type-0 are variations on the word pandemonium. Giving away too many details here would spoil the end of these games, so play FFII or FF Type-0 to find out what surprises lie within!

Pandemona (FFVIII)

Called “Pandemonium” in the Japanese version, Pandemona is a guardian force that can be equipped and summoned by Squall and friends. When summoned, it blows onto the battlefield in a tornado flurry, sucks up enemies and spits them out for a powerful wind attack! Pandemona can only be drawn from Fujin when fighting Fujin and Raijin in the Balamb hotel, so don’t miss it!

Pandemonium Warden (FFXI)

An incredibly powerful High Notorious Monster in FINAL FANTASY XI’s “Treasures of Aht Urhgan” expansion that has eleven different forms which must be beaten to win the battle against it. With a two-hour limit despite its high difficulty, this monster will present a challenge for even the most experienced parties!

Pandaemonium (FFXII)

Another slight variation on the typical spelling of pandemonium, this is a boss in FINAL FANTASY XII. Pandaemonium is encountered in the dungeon Pharos near the end of the game, but also appears when facing the Elite Mark hunt Shadowseer available after completing Pharos. Pandaemonium has high defense and will become invulnerable to all physical and magical attacks for a set amount of time when its health drops below a certain point – be ready for a tough fight!

We hope you have an exciting Pandemonium Day! Why not try something new in a FINAL FANTASY game?

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