• Aug. 13, 2020

FF Weekly: August 13th Remember When...

Today, August 13, is International Left Handers Day! Do you know any left-handed people?
There are numerous left-handed FINAL FANTASY characters – let’s take a look at a few!

Leon (FFII)

After Leon’s homeland of Fynn is invaded by the Empire of Palamecia, he and comrades including his sister Maria and FFII protagonist Firion make plans to flee. However, their escape is stopped by four black knights lying in wait to assault the party, knocking them out cold, and upon waking Leon is nowhere to be found. Firion and friends join the rebel cause against the empire, but an unexpected reunion with Leon awaits them...

Kain Highwind, Palom (FFIV)

FFIV has a couple left-handed characters! The first we’d like to introduce is childhood friend and occasional rival of FINAL FANTASY IV main character Cecil Harvey, Kain Highwind. Kain proudly followed in his father’s footsteps as commander of the Dragoons that defend Baron Castle. Under the control of the mysterious Golbez, Kain ends up betraying Cecil but later regains his senses and vows to atone for his past actions, regaining the trust of his friends.

Another left hander from FFIV is Palom, one half of the mage twins Palom & Porom! A black mage with great powers for his young age, Palom is mischievous and a bit full of himself, often getting him scolded by his twin sister. Even so, he is an indispensable comrade to Cecil and friends, playing a valuable role in the story of FINAL FANTASY IV.

Freya Crescent (FFIX)

A member of the Dragon Knights who protect Burmecia’s king, Freya Crescent leaves on a journey in search of her lost love, Sir Fratley. She joins FFIX main character Zidane and friends upon learning that Burmecia may be in danger, and stays with them for a good portion of the remainder of their journey.

Looks like it’s fairly common for characters who use spears to be left handers! Were there any characters you were surprised to learn are left-handed? Make sure to wish your left-handed friends and family a happy Left Handers Day!