• Sept. 3, 2020

FF Weekly: September 3rd Remember When...

Today, September 3, is Bed Day in Japan, also known as Good Sleep Day! In most FINAL FANTASY games characters can sleep at inns or other lodgings to regain health and MP, but let’s take a look at a few other ways FF titles let characters get some good sleep!


The first FINAL FANTASY title established what many players likely have in mind when they think of sleep in a FINAL FANTASY game – tents! By using a tent on the world map, the party settles down for a good night’s rest to restore HP and MP.


FINAL FANTASY VI allows not only using tents outdoors, but also at save points! And, unique to FFVI, when utilizing a tent on the world map its design will change depending on which character is leader of the current party. The characters’ personalities really come out in the tents’ colorful patterns!


In FINAL FANTASY IX, tents can be used by calling Moguo with the Moogle Flute on the world map. The tents in FFIX have a cute little Moogle pom-pom on top!


FINAL FANTASY XV turns sleeping into an entirely new experience! Staying at a caravan or hotel restores HP and tallies any EXP accumulated since the last rest, but Noctis and friends can also go camping! By setting up camp at designated havens throughout Eos you can see scenes of the four friends relaxing around the campfire, and Ignis can also cook food to give buffs that help the party in battle.

Other ways to get good sleep in FINAL FANTASY games include cottages and sleeping bags, which work similarly to tents! We hope you have a peaceful slumber on Bed Day!