• Nov. 19, 2020

FF Weekly: November 19th Remember When...

We’re approaching November 21, which marks the 7th anniversary of the Japanese release of LIGHTNING RETURNS: FINAL FANTASY XIII! The world of LR: FFXIII is called Nova Chrysalia and, while its end is near as the game’s story takes place, it has some interesting locations left to explore, so let’s do a quick tour of them!


A sprawling, gothic-inspired metropolis, much of Luxerion’s architecture is constructed from metal materials. Its seat of power is the great cathedral of the Order of Salvation, and the inhabitants of Luxerion spend their days absorbing the sacred teachings of the Order’s deity Bhunivelze. There are some outlaws on the outskirts of Luxerion, however, who defy the Order’s beliefs.

Dead Dunes

A lifeless desert region, the Dead Dunes are covered with endless desert sands as far as the eye can see. This vast wasteland is, however, not entirely empty, containing ancient ruins said to conceal a divine treasure and inhabited by treasure hunters who live in shanties, exploring the ruins in search of fortune. The Dead Dunes are also home to many unique monsters that inhabit both its sandscapes and ruins.


A city alive with lights and fireworks, Yusnaan stands in complete opposition to the stoic religious devotion of Luxerion. As the end of the world approaches, its inhabitants choose to spend their days indulged in banquets and revelries, drawing pleasure-seekers from around the world looking to enjoy what little time remains to them.


Containing the last remnants of the sprawling natural wilderness that once existed in Gran Pulse, the Wildlands are home to both fierce monsters and people who have chosen a hardy life of surviving off the land, either to escape the Order’s influence or get away from city life. However, even this land of natural bounty is not immune to the effects of the forces bringing about the world’s end.

Each area one can visit during Lightning’s journeys offers a totally different experience. Exploring LIGHTNING RETURNS: FINAL FANTASY XIII is truly an adventure!