• Apr. 1, 2021

FF Weekly: April 1st Remember When...

It’s April Fool’s Day, and tomorrow also happens to be the 27th anniversary of FINAL FANTASY VI’s release! To commemorate, let’s check out some characters from FFVI who do a little April Fooling themselves, all found in the same town!

Zozo Residents

Zozo is a town of tower-like structures where it constantly rains, inhabited by thieves and criminals. Almost all of the residents of this town also happen to be liars, but by speaking with each of them you can deduce the truth through process of elimination. Once you learn the truth in the residents’ lies, it can be used to solve a puzzle in Zozo’s inn to gain access to a special unique weapon!


Also encountered in Zozo, Dadaluma is a boss guarding the entrance to a room at the top of the city’s tallest tower. He claims that he hates fighting and will let the party pass, but then immediately attacks—if he spoke in battle, you’d almost expect him to shout, “April Fool’s!”