• Apr. 22, 2021

FF Weekly: April 22nd Remember When...

April 27 is coming up soon, and it marks the 31st anniversary of FINAL FANTASY III’s release! One memorable character that made its debut in FFIII is none other than the larger-than-life Fat Chocobo, so to celebrate the anniversary, let’s check out a few times it shows up in FINAL FANTASY games!


In its first appearance, Fat Chocobo can be called by using Gysahl greens in several places throughout the game that “smell like…chocobo” such as Chocobo Woods. Fat Chocobo will store up to 99 of any item in its belly, making inventory management a much easier task!


Fat Chocobo makes its debut as a summon in FINAL FANTASY V, although it doesn’t show up often! When Chocobo is summoned, it does damage to one enemy. However, occasionally Fat Chocobo will appear instead and bounce across the screen, damaging all enemies!


There exists an island in FINAL FANTASY IX called Chocobo’s Paradise where chocobos live free under their ruler—none other than Fat Chocobo! There’s lots to discover here, such as chocobos who play the card game Tetra Master (including Fat Chocobo itself!) and the start of a massive side quest. Reaching this island isn’t easy, but try and find it when you play FFIX!


A fat chocobo can be obtained as a summon in FFVII REMAKE by first defeating it in one of Chadley’s VR missions! When summoned, this heavyweight bird will fly around the arena, use its immense size to attack, and throw rocks and other objects at distant enemies. Its abilities include Kaboom, which causes a massive shockwave that significantly staggers enemies, and Bombs Away, where it throws one or more giant bombs to create large explosions!