• May 6, 2021

FF Weekly: May 6th Remember When...

Tomorrow, May 7, is Doctor and Professor Day in Japan! FINAL FANTASY isn’t lacking in studied characters – let’s dive right in and take a look at a few!

Dr. Lugae (FFIV)

A servant of Golbez and his archfiends who are in pursuit of the crystals. Dr. Lugae did experiments to turn human beings into monsters, even turning the King and Queen of Eblan into chimerae. He also created machines, one a robot called Barnabas, which he summons to attack Cecil and friends when they encounter him in the Tower of Babil.

Dr. Odine (FFVIII)

Employed by the nation of Esthar, Dr. Odine started as a monster researcher and eventually became the first sorceress researcher. He discovered Guardian Forces, also finding a way to allow humans to use what is called para-magic (also known as the junction system). His scientific discoveries are an integral part of the world of FINAL FANTASY VIII.

Professor Hojo (FFVII REMAKE)

Director of the Shinra Electric Power Company’s Research and Development Division, this mad scientist has devoted his life to the creation of the company’s biological weapons. He doesn’t let things like morals or ethics get in the way of his pursuits, and he’s not above sacrificing the innocent to achieve his goals. Together with his former colleagues, he established the SOLDIER Project.


A former Class A Biotechnologist for the Shinra Electric Power Company and ex-colleague of Professor Hojo. While not to the extent of Hojo, Lucrecia’s dedication to her research made her willing to take risks to bring about an experiment’s success. This dedication, however, brought tragedy upon her and the people closest to her.