• Feb. 10, 2022

FF Weekly: February 10th Remember When...

Tomorrow is February 11, the day of FINAL FANTASY VIII’s release in Japan! As a story about students, FFVIII’s world is populated by a wide variety of classmates and school faculty. Let’s take a look at a handful to celebrate the game’s 23rd anniversary!

Dr. Kadowaki

The nurse at Balamb Garden who looks after students’ health. Her proficiency for understanding people’s feelings is so strong, many students come to her just for life advice.


A highly talented upperclassman and currently active SeeD who acts as support on field exams and works with Garden faculty to manage other students. She is close friends with Quistis.


A young man who qualified for SeeD at the same time as Squall. Despite not standing out very much, he eventually takes on an important role at Balamb Garden.

Library Girl with a Pigtail

A member of the Balamb Garden library committee. She secretly has a crush on Zell.

Three Complainers

Three male students who hang out in the Balamb Garden cafeteria, always griping.