• Apr. 1, 2022

FF Weekly: April 1st Remember When...

April Fools’! While FF Portal doesn’t have any tricks or pranks for you, we’d like to share a few characters from FINAL FANTASY games that do! Let’s hop right into checking out these tricksters.

“NOT! Ha, I lied! Like a rug! Oh, I kill me!”
Gilgamesh (FFV)

Who can forget the last stretches of the clash on the big bridge? Ever the jokester, Gilgamesh feigns giving up and appears to admit defeat to the party. As he does this, however, he suspiciously casts various buffs on himself, and the one-liner he drops before doubling down to attack once again is quite the groaner. April Fools’ Day must be a real ordeal for acquaintances of Gilgamesh.

Edgar’s Coin (FFVI)

A rare item originally belonging to the father of brothers Edgar and Sabin, King Figaro, this coin is unique in that it has heads on both sides. Using this coin, Edgar decides to flip for who will become king after their father passes away, purposefully choosing to lose. Was this “prank” Edgar lying to take responsibility as older of the two to allow his younger brother his freedom?

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