• Aug. 18, 2022

FF Weekly: August 18th Remember When...

August 21 marks National Senior Citizens Day in America, and we’ve got some elders from a couple FINAL FANTASY titles to share with you for the occasion!

Tellah (FFIV)

Once a great sage with the ability to use every kind of magic, though in his old age he’s forgotten many of them. Even so, his pride as a sage is as strong as ever.

Fusoya (FFIV)

One of a moon-dwelling race called the Lunarians. Circumstances require that Fusoya watch over the inhabitants of FINAL FANTASY IV protagonist Cecil’s home world while his fellow Lunarians sleep.

Galuf (FFV)

An old man who has lost his memory. FINAL FANTASY V main character Bartz and friends meet him near the site of a meteor impact, and despite his memory loss, he is driven to join them on their journey to save the crystals strewn throughout their world.

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