• Oct. 13, 2022

FF Weekly: October 13th Remember When...

October 16 is Bosses Day! As such, we’d like to introduce a few FINAL FANTASY characters who are in large and in charge for this FF Weekly!

Baku (FFIX)

The leader of theater troupe Tantalus and man who raised FINAL FANTASY IX protagonist Zidane. Jovial and ever concerned for the well-being of his troupe members, he is a well-liked head of command!

Rin (FFX)

Owner of the travel agencies scattered all throughout Spira that offer lodging and goods to travelers. Always carrying a laid-back attitude, his passion is fostering communication between the Al Bhed and other tribes. He even encourages FINAL FANTASY X main character Tidus to study the language himself.

President Shinra (FFVIIR)

President Shinra is an elite entrepreneur who started a small arms manufacturer and evolved it into a global conglomerate known as the Shinra Electric Power Company. Though unscrupulous in his pursuit of profit, his skillful manipulation of the media ensures he maintains steady support among the general public.

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