• Apr. 4, 2019

FF Weekly: Mar. 20th Poll Results

The question was, "Which is your favorite chocobo?"

Here are the results!

#1: Chocobo (FFVII)

The Chocobos from FFVII won the most votes! Many of you commented on how much you enjoyed the Chocobo races and spent long hours trying to breed a gold Chocobo. Perhaps these Chocobos were the most memorable because Chocobo breeding was an unforgettably exhausting experience!

#2: Chocobo (FFIX)

The Chocobos from FFIX came in second place due to the popular Chocobo Hot and Cold minigame!

#3: Chocobo (FFXIV)

The Chocobos from FFXIV came in third, as many players appreciate the Chocobo mounts. The adorable Alpha also seems to have a lot of adoring fans!

Though they didn't place, there were more than a few votes for Boko, Bartz's companion from FFV, and the FF Tactics Chocobos (especially the red ones)!

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To commemorate the game's launch, the theme of this poll is none other than the bird of the hour, Chocobo!

Poll Duration:
Mar. 20–Mar. 27, 2019, 23:59 (PDT)

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