• June 27, 2019

FF Weekly: June 13th Poll Results

Q. What piece of music from the FINAL FANTASY series is your all-time favorite?

Thank you for all the votes and wonderful comments!

Here's what some of you had to say.

Main theme (FINAL FANTASY)
It marks the beginning of such a wonderful series.

“The Rebel Army” (FINAL FANTASY II)
This has been my favorite song for a long time. The sense of melancholy and determination within despair is unique to the music of FFII. The second installment of a series generally has a unique, distinctive feel.

“Zephyr Memories - Legend of the Eternal Wind” (FINAL FANTASY III)
It is the first FINAL FANTASY song I ever heard, booting up the FFIII Nintendo DS remake! It is very personal to me.

“Battle with the Four Fiends” (FINAL FANTASY IV)
Battle against all four fiends in the Giant in FFIV was my absolute favorite fight. The music just made that fight epic.

“Clash on the Big Bridge” (FINAL FANTASY V)
It's so great to hear: big intro, powerful music, and of course, a big battle against Gilgamesh, and in lots of FF games since FFV. There are lots of variations of this theme, and I love every single one!

“Celes's Theme” (FINAL FANTASY VI)
First time I played FFVI, I was amazed at how much emotion a 16-bit soundtrack could evoke. Whenever I hear it, it still brings back memories of the first time I played the game as a kid.

“Aerith’s Theme” (FINAL FANTASY VII)
I have many fond memories and emotions regarding this particular music piece. I own much of the FINAL FANTASY music via iTunes already and almost only play those instead of main stream/popular music.

The sound is unique with amazing guitar, drum, bass (all of it) work and orchestra, and I struggle to find any other music from other games that can compete.

“The Man with the Machine Gun” (FINAL FANTASY VIII)
This piece is upbeat, elusive, nostalgic, mystifying, courageous, crazy, ethereal, spirited, grandiose, and charismatic all at the same time. All these elements personify the character Laguna perfectly.

It's my mom's favorite song from the series, and it was the song that made me very curious about the FINAL FANTASY series as a whole when I was younger.

“You’re Not Alone” (FINAL FANTASY IX)
The scene that accompanied it was very emotional, and it showed Zidane had his own struggles too. It really captured the hopelessness he felt at the time and made me feel the same way.

“Beyond the Darkness” (FINAL FANTASY X)
The FFX OST is the best in the series, in my opinion. However, this piece in particular resonates with my being. It's perfectly matched with the aesthetics of this game. It's simply beautiful.

“The Sanctuary of Zi'tah” (FINAL FANTASY XI)
The song is relaxing and melodic, and I spent many hours in FINAL FANTASY XI in the Sanctuary of Zi'tah with friends, so the song reminds me of those good times.

“The Dalmasca Estersand” (FINAL FANTASY XII)
I appreciate that actual instruments are used. I especially love the trumpet!

This song tells a full story. Love, hope, and sorrow are conveyed throughout the piece, and the determination to continue is also there.

“Dragonsong” (FINAL FANTASY XIV)
It’s beautiful. And the whole story of Heavensward makes it exceptionally emotional. Overall, a good song turned masterpiece by the game it is in.

“Stand Your Ground” (FINAL FANTASY XV)
Easily my favorite standard battle theme in the whole franchise. Always starts off strong with the orchestra and keeps going, never letting up. Really gets you pumped for a battle.

“Alma's Theme” is my favorite, and it's nostalgic for me because it reminds me of my childhood and times with my family. It's also a tie-in for Ramza to childhood innocence, warmth, and family.

The chocobo theme
The chocobo is an iconic FINAL FANTASY creature, and the theme is so fun to listen to when the funny-looking birds come out.

The intro music to most FINAL FANTASYs
Something about the way the piano plays sets the tone of the whole game. I love it.

I honestly can’t pick one.
Each piece of music, no matter what it is, will always have a place in my heart. Each song has a memory or an event associated with it.

Music from FINAL FANTASY Series Available Now on Apple Music, Spotify and More!

The start of a new FINAL FANTASY music subscription service was announced at the Square Enix E3 Live on June 10!

The theme of this week's poll is music from the series.

Q. What piece of music from the FINAL FANTASY series is your all-time favorite?

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June 13–June 19, 2019, 23:59 (PDT)

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